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You may want to open a open a demo account, and start using this simple, but effective trading strategy. For instance, if USD/JPY trades in an uptrend and DeM current value is 0.75, it signals that the market is overbought and a change in the trend direction is likely. However, USD/JPY may gain additional 200 pips and push DeM into 0.9, for instance, before starting to reverse. On the other hand, DeMarker shares the same weakness with other oscillators. Despite the fact that its readings are showing an overbought or oversold market, these readings can always get to more extreme levels. DeM works in a similar fashion as the Relative Strength Index , the leading oscillator indicator. However, DeM focuses on intra-period maximum recorded highs and lows, rather than closing levels.

Once it starts rising towards the 30, it’s a signal for an upcoming uptrend. Trade using DeMarker indicator on IQ Option Trade setupIf the DeMarker line rises above 70 a downtrend is imminent. However, you can also enter a buy position once you notice the DeM line approaching the 70 value.

DeMarker with Moving average

The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Enter long buy and sell positions using DeM indicator on IQ OptionThe can also be used to trade long-lasting positions. Well-known indicator worth-studying is the Demarker coming from the famous Tom Demark. In this article, we will build it step by step and see how to use it. Alright – so this is my own version of John Carter’s “10x Bars”… I have done multiple things that are different from his version so they are slightly different..

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The rate of change is the speed at which a variable changes over a specific period of time. In this condition, you can enter the position according to the previous condition. If conditions 1 and 2 are met, you can open short positions. If conditions 1 and 2 are fulfilled, you can open long positions.

Trade signals of the indicator

From this point, the market had started moving higher, before the bears erased all gains and pushed the price action below this important support level. Hence, this strategy is based on deploying additional indicators, alongside DeMarker, to identify spots where the price action may start reversing. Moving average convergence/divergence is a momentum indicator that shows the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price. Although DeM is advertised as a method to time trend reversals, in several cases, large price movements that followed a signal maintained the direction of the existing trend. According to the paper’s authors, “these results contradict the design of the indicator and make it difficult to grasp the economic rationale behind it, which is assumed to be obvious.” The first conclusion from this research is that the number of signals the DeM indicators produce is small and rarely occurs. Compared to a simple buy-and-hold strategy, their results show that, in most cases, there is a limited range of holding days for which the indicators have predictive power.


If you want to go one step forward, you can only use the very extreme situations, the 0 and 1.0 levels to identify oversold/overbought readings. The DeMarker indicator is not popular among day traders but most professional trades use it. It is an easy-to-use indicator that you can use across other assets like stocks, currencies, and cryptocurrencies. The DeMark indicator does not focus on closing levels as the RSI does. Fundamental analysis is a method that relies on news and economic data to determine the direction of an asset. Technical analysis, as we have written before, is a method that uses various indicators to determine the direction of an asset. On the other hand, trips above 0.7 and below 0.3 indicate a more trending market.

Demarker indicator conclusion

The formula for the indicator DeMarker calculation is very similar to the calculation of a well-known indicator RSI. Now let’s see the second trade application of DeM indicator. In terms of exiting a profitable trade, you can use one of our exit strategies or simply use your preferred method to exit a trade. We only like to look for extreme market exhaustion readings. When it comes to the speed we execute your trades, no expense is spared. Trade up today – join thousands of traders who choose a mobile-first broker.

The chart below shows two examples in which a long entry signal was created , after which the market began to rise as expected. The lines were drawn manually to illustrate the divergences. You will need to visually check for the divergences b/w price and DeMarker. Any information contained in this site’s articles is based on the authors’ personal opinion. These articles shall not be treated as a trading advice or call to action.

Calculation procedure

When The RSI is between 50% and 30% price is considered to have downward momentum. When the RSI is between 40% and 60% price is considered to have no directional momentum and is considered to be… Others have published the demarker indicator, but with strange styles that make it difficult to read. I found myself needing to customize my own DeM to be easily readable and pleasant to look at. I have decided to publish my own version because I believe it is more standard and useful than others I could find. SMA refers to a simple moving average, and is used in MT4’s calculations for this indicator. This 101 guide will explain exactly what the DeMarker indicator is, how it is calculated, and how to plot it on your charts and use it in your FX trading strategies.

  • If the DeMarkerIn indicator rises above level 0.70, then the bearish price is expected to reverse.
  • The main task of this technical tool is to search for highs and lows, finding the moments when the market is depleted, and there is a high probability of a reversal.
  • The best Demarker trading guide was designed so it can give you different perspectives on the price action.
  • It looks at the current bar of the asset and compares it with the previous bar.
  • We also like to tweak the overbought and oversold levels and instead of using the classical 0.7 and respectively 0.3 levels we use the 0.9 and respectively 0.1 levels.
  • The DeMarker indicator is like any other oscillator indicator, it will be better when combined with other indicators as a signal filter.

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As we have written before, calculating how an indicator is calculated is not mandatory. We know many successful Wall Street traders who can’t explain how simple indicators like moving averages are calculated. In addition, the sellers are likely to exit their profitable trades at this point as well. Thus, signals from DeMarker are not enough to predict a reversal. For this reason, it is often used in combination with other technical indicators. Strengths and Weaknesses of This Indicator The main advantage of the DeM indicator is its reliability. DeMarker is probably less prone to distortions, compared to some other movement indicators.